The 4th wall has been breached


Now before I’m going to bed, I thought I would do another word count to tell you how far I have gotten.

Wordcount: 6669

Appearances so far: Bard

Plot so far: mostly the introduction of the bard as a cameo, and also some of Lin’s thoughts and of his relationships.

Quote: “If a celebration is needed, I will not object to those words.”

With this, the first draft of chapter two has been finished.

And no, there is no fourthwalling in the story this far. I also intend to keep any fourthwalling out of it, considering the nature of the story being historical fiction and the type of it that is not suitable for such references. Maybe in some other story.
The 4th wall is the 4th of 30, with the fact that I have reached the wordcount goal for the 4th of this month. So I have the 5th, the 6th and the 7th to finish before the 8th comes.

But I will continue writing after I sleep.


and it (finally) starts



Decisions, decisions, so many decisions. I’ve just now decided what story to go with for WriMo, so I suppose I’m a bit behind. I hope to be able to catch up before tomorrow, if I can.

Also the trouble of actually writing in my mother tongue. When did swedish become so herd, I wonder?

Either way, the story I’ve decided to go with is the first of my Depths of the Dark Sea series, Lady of Fair, Lord of Knives. There’s a short exerpt from it at the NaNo webpage, if you care to have a look.


Now, I’m going to go back to my writing.

since february….


, , ,

is a bit of a long time ago… I’ve had this problem with finding the login page and over that I don’t really have any excuses.


I have opened a new blog thing over at dreamwidth, so take a peek around Dragontailed if you feel like it. I have set up a twitter as well, where links will be posted once a shoot comes up. A new photo shoot has come up at DW with Tezzino as Megurine Luka,


and we’ll be having more shoots soon. For example today, since we hope there’ll be less snow inside town than it is here on the countryside.

To where I have temporarily moved back since university didn’t work out last term. I’ve applied for new stuff for the upcoming term, though, just not at the same uni. I hope to get in because I have very little to do on the countryside with a total of maybe 13 people in our village. Five in my family, two in the house on the other side of the rode, and the new neighbours have new kids, so I believe they’re 5 now.



I really wonder why I’m taking these classes sometimes. I’ve gotta read all of Garrett’s book No Ordinary Angel in a week because there’s a seminar next week where I’ll have to have read it. And I’m beat doing homework today for my Swedish classes.

I’ve loved living in this new apartment my sister and I live in now, though I have not loved my classes because talking to people who’re not nerds. And I have classes again tomorrow.

Now I’m watching Community in Tezz’s room while she’s cleaning. I need to clean my room too, though.

And eat dinner.

Sukitte ii na yo. finale




I finally managed to watch it and I just loved it. And I usually don’t love romance anime this much – and I love Sukitte ii na yo. really much.

Yamato being so cool in the beginning and then just turning cuter and cuter, and Mei being so unsure of it all and just…

And this episode just shows the dynamics so well. It’s a great ending for such a great anime.

Yamato catching a cold and his sister causing trouble and worries.






This anime just warms my heart and especially this episode.



Blasted terrorist rat


I have a rat in my wall. Or, well, the wall between my room (furthest from my bed) and the workshop/living-room. It loves being up during the nights when I’m trying to sleep. I can hear it gnawing at some thing or the other so clearly when I try to sleep, even through music and my sisters tv. It susually helps for an hour or two just to go and stomp a little (very hard) in the floor just by the wall, but tonight, it didn’t help. The moment I’d gotten comfortable in bed, it started once more. Blasted terrorist rat, I don’t know how many times I was up stomping and cursing at it. In the end, my sister sort of got enough and told me to bring my mattress into her room, so in the end, I got to sleep. I’ve left my mattress in her room now too, cuz that rat probably ain’t gonna give up. Couldn’t it take a vacation on two weeks? I’d be bloody damn grateful if it did.

It’s like it’s, I dunno, sitting and waiting until just the moment when I’m comfy and relaxed again, and then goes on even worse. Gah!