Recieved: AT/Commish

Since I do trades and commish peoplefrom time to time, it might be nice to gather all the pictures in one place. If you click on the picture, you’ll get to the original source.

This guy is Shiki, a UTAU OC that I made a long time ago. He was married to Tezzino’s OC.

First Gore Trade with Rui. She drew my Berry-boy~

Second trade with Rui. Her Meitunen getting eaten by my Berry.

From Ichigo-chan in our trade. Those are my characters Aria, Yamina, Valentine, and Sasuke.

Kikumaru Eiji from Prince of Tennis~

Hitouji Yuuji~

Kirikaze from Fuuma no Kojiro.

Deneb and Kintaros from Kamen Rider Den-O.

Oshitari Yuushi and Amane Hikaru. This is a commish~

This guy is Shaman, an OC of mine~ (well, I often request a lot of OC’s). Drawn by Gooey-sama.

More by Gooey. These two are Shubi and Marmelade.

Kealosy. Vagabond is not happy over the cat’s flirting with Max. =3 Again by Gooey-sama.

And another by Gooey-sama. These two are Kalma and Ace. There’s a hand by the trash can and isn’t that car awesome~?

This boy is Cheesa, another OC.

From a long time ago. This is Lupe.

Commishioned from Gabbi, a great Swedish artist. It’s Ryoma and Kintaro from Prince of Tennis.

From a Gintama Secret Santa. Kamui and Takasugi.

Gokudera and Belphegor, art trade.

And adorable Basco.



Prussia and Hong Kong.

And more PruHK.

Undertaker by Punkypeggy.

Chibi!Svalbard in Riga’s lap.

And Svalbard, looking way too cool on that part of the picture, and showing just the way he is on the chibi-part. =3

Svalbard getting crossdressed by Sörby (my homevillage RPed by my sister Tezzino).

Iceland from Hetalia and Snake from Kuroshitsuji~

Byakuran and Mukuro.

Zaizen and Atsushi, commished around christmas.

Shinji and Sanada. From the 2010 PoT SS.

Grell from Kuroshitsuji and Fukuro from FROGS.

Ayano’s drawing of Lavi (D.Gray-Man)

My Amaria, by Ayano. =)

They look so awesome. Deneb and Kintaros from Den-O.

This was drawn by a senpai/upper classman of mine.

Birthday present~<3 Kirikaze and Ryoma.

Top picture is Shanks and Ace from One Piece. Bottom pic is Hiyoshi and Zaizen from Prince of Tennis.


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