Now before I’m going to bed, I thought I would do another word count to tell you how far I have gotten.

Wordcount: 6669

Appearances so far: Bard

Plot so far: mostly the introduction of the bard as a cameo, and also some of Lin’s thoughts and of his relationships.

Quote: “If a celebration is needed, I will not object to those words.”

With this, the first draft of chapter two has been finished.

And no, there is no fourthwalling in the story this far. I also intend to keep any fourthwalling out of it, considering the nature of the story being historical fiction and the type of it that is not suitable for such references. Maybe in some other story.
The 4th wall is the 4th of 30, with the fact that I have reached the wordcount goal for the 4th of this month. So I have the 5th, the 6th and the 7th to finish before the 8th comes.

But I will continue writing after I sleep.