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is a bit of a long time ago… I’ve had this problem with finding the login page and over that I don’t really have any excuses.


I have opened a new blog thing over at dreamwidth, so take a peek around Dragontailed if you feel like it. I have set up a twitter as well, where links will be posted once a shoot comes up. A new photo shoot has come up at DW with Tezzino as Megurine Luka,


and we’ll be having more shoots soon. For example today, since we hope there’ll be less snow inside town than it is here on the countryside.

To where I have temporarily moved back since university didn’t work out last term. I’ve applied for new stuff for the upcoming term, though, just not at the same uni. I hope to get in because I have very little to do on the countryside with a total of maybe 13 people in our village. Five in my family, two in the house on the other side of the rode, and the new neighbours have new kids, so I believe they’re 5 now.