To-Do List

*Toki clining to Ogami : for Tezzino
*Great Leader Tsukasa : for Nick
*Re:Codes : for Chizu
*Battle poses with naginata : for Nammah
*Human & Demon Rihan : for Ren

*Colonello’s rifle x2
*Lal Mirch’s Gun
*Lal Mirch’s rifle
*Basco’s Gun
*Belphegor’s knifes
*Hisago’s yukata
*Yukihina’s clothes (pants, hoodie, vest)

*Colonello wig
*Homurabi wig
*Hisago wig
*Colonello clothes fabric
*White cotton fabric
*Hisago’s glasses
*Yukihina wig

If you have a request, just ask me. If I don’t know the fandom or character, I’ll ask about references. If you know or think that I don’t know it, I’d love if you added a reference or two.

I’m also open for art trades. Feel free to contact me about it if you want to. =) I love art trades a lot.


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