Books, cities, balls and cosplay


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Hello! Long time no write!

I picked up two packages today in town. One was from adlibris (the biggest online bookstore in Scandinavia) and one from cdJapan. Anyways, I’m currently reading DOGS: Bullets & Carnage volume 7 (with precious Magato on the cover – I love Magato, along with Giovanni. They’re my favorite characters) no matter how many times I read it, I love when Magato disapproves of Haine being Naoto’s boyfriend – which he ain’t.


I also, in that package, got the second volume of Aikawa Yu-san’s Butterfly. Unfortunately, it ended up being in German. They hadn’t marked in what language it was on the website, so, I didn’t really think about it that much when I ordered it. Anyhow, I know basically no German, but I’ll be using the scans on the online pages to change the text to English. (I still need to do the same with the French copies of Ludwig Kakumei that I got way back without knowing they were in French – I just wanted the books because the art is gorgeous and I love the story. Well, just looking at the panels helped me writing Ludwig’s history section when I applied him to a DreamWidth game what, two, one and a half year ago) but. My TipEx and my white paint and stuff’s packed away in boxes and I have no idea where things are except my collection of dragon-figurines and my books. Those books that take up so much space. I also got Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked with the adlibris package. With the cdJapan package, I got two more things than shown, but I didn’t take any picture of them because that’s christmas presents for my sister and Ren.

Anyway, that Kareneval dvd was gorgeous, I’m so looking forward to the airing of the anime in, April, was it?


Because, I am moving. January the 12th, I am moving location to a city, finally. I’ll get away from the tiny little village I’ve lived in for almost 21 years. And I like Uppsala loads, too. They have my favorite bookstore there (small and cozy and with lots of manga, nice staff and I’ve bought over a third of my 400+ manga books there over the past… two years?) and since I go to the shrink there, I won’t have to travel for three hours up and three hours down in the same day, I can just take the bus and be at the hospital in 5 to 10 minutes. Which is great. =3

But I’m moving there to study; Professionall Swedish A and Angels & Demons (not the book, mind you, there are no classes about specific books in Sweden, as far as I know) and I’m gonna live in a flat with my younger twin sister. I wonder how that’ll go? At least we don’t have to share a room. We (mostly me) would get the urge to kill each other way too much then. The best part is getting away from my parents, though. I’m looking worward to it, and even have a count-down-thingie up on my wall. Changing it every morning to know how many days there is until we move.

During christmas, granpa and granma (grampa on mom’s side, granma on dad’s) came over, and grampa brought his old accordion (a lovely red piece) that he got from his grandfather. Aaand, my little brother has been teaching me a little about the guitar. Both those and the old harmonica I got years back, I’m gonna bring along when we move.


Also, next year, there’s gonna be a ball. A cosplay ball, actually. I’m gonna go (If I manage to get a ticket; I’m broke right now) and then, I’ll be cosplaying as Sagashimono/The One Being Sought from Code:Breaker, but in fancier get-up than his white gakuran. Because ain’t he a too sexy man?


I love that he appeared – and Namikawa Daisuke is his seiyuu, that is wonderful.
Afraid I’ll need to get a new wig for him, though. I ain’t got no flat ones, at least not white. I have a flat black one for Yukihina, but the others are long wigs, like Saechika and Grim Peddler.

(by the way, even if I say “today”, it’s really about yesterday Thursday, because that’s when I wrote this entry. My internet was turned off before I got the chance to post this, and my parents refused to let me turn it back on even for only posting a blog post…)


So much wonderful anime this season


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And there are so much characters I wanna cosplay.

Like Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita. Well, I wanted to cosplay him before as well, but seeing that picture at the ending of the episode, I just thought “damn, I have to do that”. At least he don’t have loads of patterns on his clothes, like Kurama does in the ending (he and Mizuki look amazing as well)


I have either a Mizuki or a Kurama as well in Tezz, but she’ll decide which one when we have the other (though I know Tezz prefers Kurama but so will probably Ren if we manage to get her to read/watch this one).

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Cosplay: The job went awesome~~


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Yesterday, we finally had a shoot at the onld windmill that burnt down last year. Well, we have plans to take more photos there when I finish my cosplay for Xanxus, but we don’t know when they’ll be cleaning up the site, so we took the chance to take some photos of Squalo and Belphegor.

“The job went awesomely great; I’m a prince, after all~~”
“…. (Why do I have to babysit this one?)”

This picture in particular is taken with my sisters phone for the sake of making it seem like purikura sent by the prince. There’ll come up some other pictures later on~~

Superbi Squalo: Ren
Belphegor: Tezzino
Photo: Ulv

Styling wigs~



This wig has surprisingly nice quality. A bit shiny, perhaps, but I was surprised by how smooth it was.
It’s for my Homurabi project, which will… probably take a lot of time…
But it’ll be interesting, I’ve never done a big wig project before =3

Honestly, I was worried when I got this one. I’ve gotten long wigs before, and the quality has been much too horrible to wear. I shudder each time I think of that wig.

But this is a wonderful wig. Smooth and it feels so nice. It’s for my Hisago (Itsuwaribito Utsuho) cosplay, and I have some plans for a shoot with him. I’m currently taking care of this one (poor Kin!Mukuro had to go to another seat for a while, that’s the only real HEAD wig head that I have, and it’s a bit firmer than the plastic ones that I have.


I seriously need to get started on those rifles and guns for NärCon, though. Colonello and Lal can’t be without those.

Gintama 400



And there’s more weird things coming in Gintama. Always crazy stuff. What’s with that? Twisting up intestines… Well, that guy appeaning means that they are going to do stuff with manga again.

And indeed. He is working on the manuscript for a new series, if I’ve understood that correctly. But with Gintama, you never know.

He fall asleep in the middle of it, however. And when he wake up, the script is gone.

Because the nurse at the prison is reading it.

And it’s apparently funny.

I think the guy mostly do very weird love comedy manga, though. Because of Gintoki.

And Shachikoko fall in love with her, because he like that she like his manga. So he show her his manuscript from time to time.

And when he ask Gintoki is he (Shachi) is in love, Gintoki punch him. Through the glass. Gintoki, how jealous can you get. You like the weather girl Ketsuno Ana, right? And she is sort of your friend, so you can just proceed befriending her.

So Gintoki tell him to confess with manga. And that’s what Shachi plan on doing, so he draw a manga.

And the protagonist is.. It’s friggin’ Okita Sougo, isn’t it? Was he inspired after seeing the Prince of Planet Sadism, or something? XD But yeah, it sure looks like Sougo. Though he’s the most skilled swordsman in Shinsengumi, while this character in Shachi’s manga is quite.. useless a fencer..

On his own, too. That’s what happens when characters get to run their own race. Reminds me of Sai and her characters. Pure chaos.

And the main character is suddenly named Chousokabe. It sounds cool enough for an Okita replica, buuut…

It’s a great name but it only make me think of Chousokabe Motochika from back in the Warring States period. (I love reading about that time period, by the way. The Sengoku Jidai had so many awesome people~)

They’re talking about the nurse. She sort of.. make her own really weird edits.

It makes this chapter of Gintama pure and absolutely hilarious. Not that Gintama isn’t hilarious always when it’s not serious, but still. =3

And then she don’t only make her own edits in the lines, but draw new pages and panels, so the style changes completely.

That’s some Hissatsu Waza Secret Techniques……..





Code: Breaker 178



The chapter starts out the day after the end of last chapter. After the parliament house collapsed because of Saechika’s powers. Shibuya-dono is watching the news, and there has been no traces of Sakurako, Kouji and Yukihina.

Rui is unconcious, Yuuki is scribbling, Toki just sit and stare, Heike seem to be normal, but he’s not reading his books properly like he usually does. Whet most had an effect on him probably wasn’t the defeat he suffered, but rather, that Yukihina froze his arm back in place.

I know you hate Heike, Yukihina, but still, you saved him. Reasons aside, that’s great.

But I want to know what happened to you, Kouji and Sakurako… Because I love Yukihina so incredibly much.

But the ice has melted by now, and while Heike’s arm is attached again properly, that only make me worry even more.

This is effecting EVERYONE. And while Ogami locked himself into his room at the Shibuya Manison, the two Sakura’s argue about who is the Left Sakura. Both seem to be the Right Sakura.

Poor Puppy is confused, you two Sakura’s. =|

Then Ogami appear, scaring them quite a lot.

They were not prepared for the fact that he was cleaning. But still, they help out on gathering the stuff in the manison. “Cleaning up”

Instead, he is burning all the stuff.

While Heike is the only one saving any of his things from the fire, Rui, who is supposedly unconcious…

That’s very precious. Her most important is her friends and her booze. Geez, that woman. Well, I think Kouji would be similar, and Yukihina.. He drink as well, but I don’t think he’s as much obsessed as Rui and Kouji.


Sakura does her best to cheer up Ogami. Because Ogami burnt the others’ stuff to turn them back to normal, and to stop them from brooding.

But he need a push on his own, and Sakura gives him one.

That’s some very shiny panels, when she give him that push. Never mind that her hands are tiny, she still manage to give him that push and cheer him up.


It’s indeed time to get to know more about the Founders and December the 32nd.

And what seems to be coming in the next chapter…

About Sakurako. And, I’m guessing, Shibuya-dono.

NuraMago 202



Hagoromo Gitsune is back at her Kyoto. And she is the lord of Kyoto, after all, so who is better at protecting the city than her?

She could, of course, ally with the Keikain onmyouji, but I doubt many youkai will want to do that.

And who knows what she thinks. What she is planning on doing.


Her followers – is her’s called Hyakki as well, or is it only the Nura clan and the Nurarihyon Youkai who have a Parade of One Hundred Demons? I don’t know, but I’m calling it her Hyakki. They are very happy to have her back.

Most of all Kyokotsu.

But before she can reach Hagoromo, Tenkai come in the way. He speak to Hagoromo Gitsune, calling her “Seimei-sama’s esteemed mother”. Which she is. She is much more worthy of being called ‘sama’ than Seimei is.

He also attack her. Is that any way to treat one of your own ancestors, Tenkai?

I’m afraid you’re underestimating her, however.

That is indeed the truth. But you know, everything is not that simple.

And then he run away, because he know that he is beaten. Not that he would agree to it, but still. Hagoromo Gitsune is strong.

And she is also the coolest mother there is.

Meanwhile, Kubinashi and the grup he traveled with have reached the Okayama prefecture, where the Jorogumo reside.

And they have been pumeled to the ground through inwards fighting. Everyone are dead, except Jorogumo’s clan leader. Although I’m afraid she will pass away as well.

Kubinashi swears that he will kill the puppet master who killed the Jorogumo.

Rikuo returns to the Main House with Tamazuki and Dassai. He is filled in on what’s happened by Tsurara and then call for a meeting with all the Executives that are currently present at the Main House.

He tell of how Kyushu’s youkai has been wiped out, and that Hagoromo Gitsune has been revived.

And also, that they know where the Gokadoin have their base, and that they will attack it. But to do so, they have to break through the Spiral Barrier that surrounds it; created by Tenkai.

And as Hitsotsume says.

They have more visitors.

I love Zen’s expression there, by the way X3

The Keikain House have arrived at the Nura Gumi Main House. And Gyuuki calls them Rikuo’s Hyakki. Ryuuji is not pleased. Of course not. Onmyouji and Youkai joining forces. It’s all about the Keikain clan’s pride. Nothing else.

Reborn! 386



Of course Reborn knows nothing. He was only cursed, nothing more. But this is interesting; we finally get to know about the Arcobaleno Curse.

While Reborn and Tsuna are talking about this, that day’s representative battle ends.

Loudly, at that.

Wandering down the cave they ended up in, Reborn and Tsuna find murals. The walls are painted with history.

The history of the Arcobaleno.

And Reborn is surprised that Tsuna knows nothing of how they became Arcobaleno. It’s not that weird, Reborn. -_- But oh well, Tsuna’s kinda stupid most of the times, so it wouldn’t have been weird if he hadn’t known even if he had been told.

I find it hard to believe that Mammon wasn’t also in on it for the money, the missions. But (s)he want money to find a way to break the curse, so it’s a possibility (s)he became a greedy person after they were turned into babies.

But then, the representative battle of the Rainbow is in there, too. And this, Reborn does not understand.

A cycle.

The Arcobaleno. Everything. It’s a cycle.

The “Fated Day”. The Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Everything repeats itself for each generation.

While it is to protect the pacifiers, it’s not fair to the ones who are cursed.

Especially not what happens if the curse is removed. I don’t want that to happen now. Most of all not to Fon and Mammon.

Bermuda tells of the Truth of the Arcobaleno.

About the Arcobaleno. About the cycle. About what happens.

That the Arcobaleno, once the curse is removed, might die, or become like the Vindice.

I don’t want them to end up like that.

I don’t want them to die even more.

Because I love the Arcobaleno.

Vindice is planning to kill Checker Face, to stop this from repeating itself any longer. This is why Bermuda want Reborn on his team. Because he is strong. And Vindice need to win, in order to kill Checker Face.

However, at the last page of the chapter, Reborn has yet to reply with a yes or no to Bermuda’s request.