I have a rat in my wall. Or, well, the wall between my room (furthest from my bed) and the workshop/living-room. It loves being up during the nights when I’m trying to sleep. I can hear it gnawing at some thing or the other so clearly when I try to sleep, even through music and my sisters tv. It susually helps for an hour or two just to go and stomp a little (very hard) in the floor just by the wall, but tonight, it didn’t help. The moment I’d gotten comfortable in bed, it started once more. Blasted terrorist rat, I don’t know how many times I was up stomping and cursing at it. In the end, my sister sort of got enough and told me to bring my mattress into her room, so in the end, I got to sleep. I’ve left my mattress in her room now too, cuz that rat probably ain’t gonna give up. Couldn’t it take a vacation on two weeks? I’d be bloody damn grateful if it did.

It’s like it’s, I dunno, sitting and waiting until just the moment when I’m comfy and relaxed again, and then goes on even worse. Gah!